Onley Grounds Individuals & Teams Event

View Venue Date: 04/07/2015
Start Times Tel:01788 817724 Club:Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex
Date:Saturday, 4th July 2015 Start Time:02/07/2015 - Times via the dressage uk site at 1pm
Closing Date:Monday, 29th June 2015
Event Type:Mixed Entry Types:Individuals & Teams
Status:Late entries

New features to DressageUK
Team Events - The Team Events area of Dressage UK has finally been deployed! Clubs can now run inter team competitions and form teams to compete.
Onley Grounds is running its 1st teams event on July 4th.
To enter as a team you 1st need to be a member of a club. You can join a club by clicking on “Centre Affiliation” in your member’s area. Then Simply select your club. There may be a delay as they need to approve this. You can then represent your club as an individual or be in a team.
What makes a club? Each centre is affectively a club and can have members. These members can also fill roles within the club. One of the roles within the clubs is “Teams Manager” The teams manager can create teams on the site for the club and enter them in competitions. If your interested in helping develop the club side of your centre or putting some teams together contact your club/centre and let them know.
Once you’ve joined a club its easier for them to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with teams and training.
How long does a team stay together for?
A team would normally stick together for a season these are summer seasons and winter seasons so about 6 months.
How many people are on a team?
A team needs to have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6. When entering an event at least 3 members of the team must enter to make a valid entry and not more that 4. Your best 3 scores will count on the day.
How do team events work? There is a problem with the current system of team events running around the country in that it encourages people to drop down the levels. As it is based simply on highest % novice riders tend to go down to prelim where obviously they will get a higher % for example. There was a suggestion that it should be run based on your position but this would have the adverse effect that there won’t be many in the higher levels so you will get a higher position even with a bad test so this didn’t work! What we have created at DressageUK is a handicapping of events. When a centre crates a team event they select the handicap of the event. The handicap level refers to the minimum points that 3 members of the team must have to enter the event. Points refer to the level of classes that you enter.
The higher the level the more points its worth this is as follows:
Intro - 1 Point
Prelim - 2 Points
Novice - 3 Points
Elementary - 4 Points
Medium - 5 Points
If the club has selected that their event has a minimum handicap of 5 and a team enters with two people doing an intro then one of their other two members will need to compete at novice or higher to make it eligible for the team’s event.
If your event was a 7 handicap event then a team may need to have 2 prelim riders and a novice for example. This means that the teams are on a more level playing field and it encourages people to progress up the levels rather than push down. It also enables centres to dictate the level of the team event.
The site will say if your teams manager tries to enter a team that doesn’t have a high enough handicap and someone may have to do a harder class.
Competing: When the venue puts on the event they can decide if they want to run the classes as team only classes, as individual classes or as classes for both individuals and teams.
There could be 6 classes with only 3 of them being team classes. Or all of them may be available to be entered by teams.
If the event classes are available for individual entries as well as teams then people will be able to enter just like they would on any other show. The teams would have to be entered by the club or teams manager, however the individuals that are in the teams can go online and enter other classes as individuals as well. The event will run just as any other show would with the classes showing the individual results just as normal. All classes will give points and prize money to individuals just as normal. The team’s part of the event will be worked out as the results are entered. Just above the normal results the team results will be shown displaying the order the teams finished. The site will also display the teams and how they have done on the clubs page. The site takes the 3 best percentages in a team so if you have a 4th rider that one is dropped. Some people have said that it’s a lot of effort to drive to a centre to do one class so this system allows you to compete in other classes as an individual.
If you need any help with any of the above let me know at and I will assist. We would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback on the teams system

Description Class Entry Fee Late Entry Fee Prize Money Entry Type  
Class 1 Intro A £13.00 + £2.00 £30.00 Individuals Only
Class 2 Intro B £13.00 + £2.00 £30.00 Individuals & Teams
Class 3 Prelim 7 £13.00 + £2.00 £30.00 Individuals & Teams
Class 4 Prelim 13 £13.00 + £2.00 £30.00 Individuals Only
Class 5 Novice 28 £15.00 + £2.00 £35.00 Individuals & Teams
Class 6 Elementary 44 £15.00 + £2.00 £35.00 Individuals & Teams
Class 7 Medium 71 £15.00 + £2.00 £35.00 Individuals & Teams

Class 1
RiderRider NumberHorseStart Time
Tori Page 1394 Belura
Lynda Carey 1578 Laerkens Dawn
Emma Mortimore 1164 Ruby 10.00
Jane Bain 1764 terry 10.06
Class 2
RiderRider NumberHorseStart Time
Tori Page 1394 Belura
Jayna Henderson 1001 Nantllesg Bacca 10.22
Emma Mortimore 1164 Ruby 10.28
Laura Fine 1675 Llainonen the Minstral 10.34
Class 3
RiderRider NumberHorseStart Time
Rebecca Heath 1018 Lynwood Philosopher
Becky Davies 1402 Mountain Pride
Emma Funnell 1556 Poco Royale
Mary Maud 1825 Monet
Carol Davenport 1826 Mayshill Magic
Kelly Gardner 1375 Blue 10.50
Lucia Mander 1016 Twilight Blues 10.57
Tori Page 1394 Primative Puddle of Mud 11.04
Fiona Betts 1491 New Moors Murphy 11.18
Lauren King 1672 Laetare Jack 11.32
Vicki Copeland 1487 Cody 11.39
Jayna Henderson 1001 Merhia 12.00
Class 4
RiderRider NumberHorseStart Time
Sophie Evans 1087 PORTMORE RO 12.30
Emma Leslie 1276 Holme Grove Carnegie 12.37
Jayna Henderson 1001 Merhia 12.44
Megan Pooler 1382 Mr Ricard 12.51
Anna Chapman 1502 Leon Dearg 12.58
Class 5
RiderRider NumberHorseStart Time
Aimee Norris 1248 Hillside Last News 13.15
Susan Bradshaw 1258 Jarcolas G 13.22
Sophie Evans 1087 PORTMORE RO 13.29
Emma Leslie 1276 Holme Grove Carnegie 13.36
Megan Pooler 1382 Mr Ricard 13.43
Iona Fyfe 1208 Cloe 13.50


Team Results:
Team Avg Percentage Points Club
1 Onley Equine Vets 69.03 6 Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex
2 Onley Fields Farm Diamonds 66.77 5 Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex
3 The Tack Den 69.47 4 Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex
4 Neigh Hopers 67.2 3 Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex

Class:   Class 1
Rider Horse Owner Score Collective Percentage Winnings
1 Emma Mortimore Ruby Courtnay Moore 90 69 69.1% £0.00
2 Jane Bain terry Jane Bain 86.5 67 66.7% £0.00
3 Tori Page Belura Tori Page 85 65 65.2% £0.00
4 Lynda Carey Laerkens Dawn Lynda Carey 82 64 63.4% £0.00
Class:   Class 2
Rider Horse Owner Score Collective Percentage Winnings
1 Emma Mortimore Ruby Courtnay Moore 91.5 70 70.2% £0.00
2 Tori Page Belura Tori Page 86.5 67 66.7% £0.00
- Jayna Henderson Nantllesg Bacca Jayna Henderson - - - -
- Laura Fine Llainonen the Minstral Laura Fine - - - -
Class:   Class 3
Rider Horse Owner Score Collective Percentage Winnings
1 Becky Davies Mountain Pride Becky Davies 84.5 59 71.8% £30.00
2 Kelly Gardner Blue Kelly Gardner 84 57 70.5% £15.00
3 Jayna Henderson Merhia Jayna Henderson 82 55 68.5% £0.00
4 Fiona Betts New Moors Murphy Fiona Betts 79.5 55 68.3% £0.00
5 Vicki Copeland Cody Jayna Henderson 81 55 68.1% £0.00
6 Lucia Mander Twilight Blues Lucia Mander 81 55 68% £0.00
7 Rebecca Heath Lynwood Philosopher Amy Pugh 80.5 54 67.3% £0.00
8 Lauren King Laetare Jack Lauren King 79.5 51 65.3% £0.00
9 Mary Maud Monet Mary Maud 77 53 65% £0.00
10 Carol Davenport Mayshill Magic Carol Davenport 76.5 53 64.8% £0.00
10 Tori Page Primative Puddle of Mud Lauren Widman 77.5 52 64.8% £0.00
12 Emma Funnell Poco Royale Emma Funnell 75.5 50 62.8% £0.00
Class:   Class 4
Rider Horse Owner Score Collective Percentage Winnings
1 Emma Leslie Holme Grove Carnegie Emma Leslie 113 59 71.6% £30.00
2 Megan Pooler Mr Ricard Megan Pooler 111 56 69.5% £0.00
3 Jayna Henderson Merhia Jayna Henderson 108.5 55 68.1% £0.00
4 Anna Chapman Leon Dearg Anna Chapman 109 54 67.9% £0.00
5 Sophie Evans PORTMORE RO Sophie Evans 106 53 66.2% £0.00
Class:   Class 5
Rider Horse Owner Score Collective Percentage Winnings
1 Emma Leslie Holme Grove Carnegie Emma Leslie 115 59 72.5% £35.00
2 Susan Bradshaw Jarcolas G Susan Bradshaw 107.5 54 67.2% £0.00
3 Aimee Norris Hillside Last News Aimee Norris 102.5 53 66.7% £0.00
4 Sophie Evans PORTMORE RO Sophie Evans 105.5 53 66% £0.00
5 Megan Pooler Mr Ricard Megan Pooler 95.5 50 60.6% £0.00
6 Iona Fyfe Cloe Iona Fyfe 89 47 56.6% £0.00