Why Compete DUK

The aim of  Dressage UK is to make Dressage available to all!  Offering membership to people at all levels, we enable riders to begin at the bottom and work their way right to the top.

We want our members to feel that Dressage is easy to get into, whatever your level. That is why running such an efficient organisation here at  Dressage UK, we can give you access to the best of venues.  The friendliest of competitions with lower cost entries.  Lower joining fees and more rewarding prize money.

We don’t have £25k+ area representatives. Instead, we rely on modern, organised systems to put the 'wow' factor back into Dressage!

Where DUK differs is simple:

  • Better value entry fees
  • Better Prize money at regular shows
  • Members can affiliate to a centre and take part in inter-centre competitions as individuals or teams.
  • Cheaper joining fees
  • More careful selection of centres, ensuring the best facilities, whilst making sure competitions do not overlap and are very well supported.
  • Not only can riders compete for the championship at any level in which they qualify and are eligible for, but owners are also recognised.  They feature in the owner rankings and can compete without even riding.  At  Dressage UK we want to value owners.
  • You can start competing affiliated at walk and trot level, to help you get on the first rung of the ladder and work your way up. “It's no good having a ladder that is out of reach”!
  • Dressage UK is all about helping people progress and move forward with their horse/pony. To help with this we have given centres the ability to run "off the record" shows or classes.  This is where a show can select and advertise a class as "off the record".  This allows competitors to give their horse a run-out in a level above their norm. The prize money is still there and it runs just like a normal class.  The results still show in the appropriate section but will not be entered into the horse's record!  This is a great way of giving your horse a run-out and being judged at that level, without worrying about marking their record.  This is proving very popular on the continent.

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Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex  Click for full results
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Emma Leslie
Lordsoak Dylan - 0
Naomi Cross
Connor - 108
Erin Dobby
Million - 104.5
Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex  Click for full results
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IZZY Hughes
Romeo - 86.5
Nichol Hughes
Romeo - 85.5
Rosamunde Daniels
H2 Uh-oh - 80